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Have you thought about growing and expanding your business into international markets worldwide?

Globalization is a key business driver and will be so in the future to come. Mostly big multinational firms are using the full potential globalization has to offer. To compete successfully also small and medium sized firms need to use all the possibilities the international market has to offer. BPNF consulting agency is offering you the services for your business to thrive and prosper on an international level. We provide the services your company is looking for in order to expand your market scope worldwide.

BPNF – Business Promotion and Network Facilitation for the small and medium sized business worldwide!

Gaja Amigoni

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Financial Planning
Business Analysis
Personal Relations

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Johannes Christian Gaedicke

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International Strategy
Project Management
Innovation Management

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Growing internationally is an ideal way of expanding and increasing profits, but it often demands high capital and time commitment. Professional business representation, with native speaking professionals can help minimize constrains and allow to secure international markets for the company.

BPNF helps to develop new markets and to gain a foothold in the beginning of the international expansion by representing the company’s particular interests and establishing its identity worldwide. Without the burden of managing several markets in person at once, BPNF’s customers gain the time and deliberation needed to succeed.

BPNF acts as business representative on its customer’s behalf and in accordance to the strategic preferences and goals. By establishing a gateway between the client and the new market, BPNF ensures that all the needs and requirements are met and the company is well portrayed and presented.

Growing internationally is an ideal way to progress, increase profits and satisfy the demands for efficiency, competitiveness, short-term agility and long-term growth required to stay in the market. By taking on the challenges of the globalized world, small and medium-sized firms have the opportunity to redefine their organization in terms of competition and profit growth.

BPNF offers its customers customized assistance in the fields of strategy, business planning, internationalization, export development and outsourcing. BPNF provides the tools needed for a successful strategic management, helping to achieve the specific goals and strengthen the competitive position both in the country and/or abroad. BPNF’s analysis of existing business needs and value creation enhancing via the exploitation of new business potential assure the best results to its customers.

For your business to expand internationally, the right decisions on how and where are crucial. Therefore, a first step to enter a new market is the market screening. It allows countries to be scanned based on environmental factors, producing a short list of attractive and fitting markets.

After the successful market screening, in-depth research assures a thorough examination of the considered markets for your company. Knowing and identifying the market needs, size, competitors and trends is a fundamental prerequisite for your international strategy. Primary and secondary data analysis supports the decisions for the right country and entry mode.

BPNF uses a modern and accurate method of market screening and research for the best possible outcome. By use of reliable data in combination with your company insight, best results for your expansion are guaranteed. BPNF provides precise and timely information for your success and in order to thrive in an international context.

Growing internationally is an ideal way of expanding and increasing profits, but it demands high capital and time commitment. To allow your organization to expand step by step, business representation can help you minimize those constrains and to allow you to secure international markets for your company.

BPNF helps you to tap new markets and to gain a foothold in the beginning of your international expansion by representing your company’s interests and establish your identity worldwide. Without the burden of managing several markets in person at once, you gain the time and deliberation needed to succeed.

As your representatives we will operate on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences and goals. Ensuring that all your needs and requirements are met and your company is well portrayed and presented will be our goal for you.

BPNF CONSULTING AGENCY is offering a wide range of personalized management services in the fields of international growth and networking. Our services are developed to support and strengthen small and medium sized firms, while allowing them to grow national as well as international.

BPNF operates internationally permitting the development of new opportunities and opening doors for you to new markets worldwide. We bridge the gaps between different languages and cultures for you and your company. We support you with export and other international growth options like the establishment of subsidiaries around the globe. Furthermore, our event department will assist you with event organization and company presentations abroad.
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Common Effort for a Common Success
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     Our concept for your business

development of international business growth strategies
assessment of new markets for your business
providing access and contacts to those markets
help with export and the establishment of international subsidiaries
business representation and organization of company events abroad
support from a network of qualified native speakers

BPNF CONSULTING AGENCY is offering personalized management services for international growth and networking.

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BPNF UG (haftungsbeschränkt) wird gesetzlich vertreten durch die Geschäftsführer:
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Investor in Innovation
The talk of long-term competitive advantage of companies is nowadays synonymous of constant innovation and strategic transformation. Investing into new ways of creating competitive advantage in a continuous and systematic approach has become a necessity. The goal of managing innovation is the future-oriented value creation.
It is the need to persistently implement new and different value propositions to reach the market and differentiate the offer – in terms of quality, service and technology - from the competition at the same time. It is also considered an explanation of the reason why large companies are challenged by smaller niche competitors in all markets and industries.
BPNF is here to support and invest especially in new and innovative small and medium sized firms to do so in a successful way. BPNF helps and advises firms to follow through on their innovative business concepts, support them in bringing new products to the market and assist them in creating customized international strategy. This includes:
Company Founding
Funding and Investor Relation
Strategy and Business Model Assistance
Lean Processes and Design Thinking
Sales Forecasting & Market Analysis
To allow the innovative idea to reach the market in the most successful way possible and avoiding huge initial investments, the management of BPNF has decided to invest in particularly innovative start-ups or business units. This is done by offering services performed by professionals for reduced prices in exchange of shares in the new company. Such offer represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who believe in their innovative idea and are willing to bring it to the market. BPNF invests in young and innovative potential to best satisfy and fit with the needs of its customers.
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Our Services in Detail
Our Services in Detail
1 - Company Founding
This service is dedicated to independent start-ups or foundations-in-planning connected to an already existing organization in forms of spin-offs and similar.
BPNF provides support to the firm in making the right decisions in terms of choosing the right country, form of society, administration, taxes, security and shareholder options. All of which are aspects which are crucial for the survival of the company, especially during its first years. To do so, BPNF relies on its network of lawyers, tax advisors, accountants and other official agencies located in various countries around the world.
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2 - Funding and Investor Relation
Before and during the launch of a business, it is fundamental to have a solid financial basis on which to rely on as long as a secured revenue stream is not guaranteed.
To assure this, BPNF helps its customers in finding investors, business angels, interested partners and building profitable relationships with them. BPNF keeps relationships with banks and facilitates the preparation for credits and loans. Additionally, BPNF explores options for funds and/or scholarships best suitable for its customers and fosters and helps during the application process for these programs.
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3 - Strategy and Business Model Assistance
Strategy can be defined as a plan of action to achieve specific goals and objectives set by the firm. In today’s interconnected and globalized market, all companies are required to develop a specific business strategy in order to succeed.
BPNF supports its clients with up-to-date strategy tools and provides its customers with the required know-how to advance their strategic thinking. The creation and development of innovative and competitive business strategies and business models is hereby the focal point. Relating to already existing strategy and business plans, BPNF offers meaningful evaluations and suggests possible advancements or improvements of such.
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5 - Sales Forecasting & Market Analysis
BPNF conceives sales forecasting and market analysis as cornerstones for the initial steps in the firm's planning process.
Thanks to its experience and network in the market, BPNF possesses a good industry knowledge and in-country research expertise. In this way, BPNF provides its customers with crucial information on the latest market trends to facilitate the decisions on how and where to start the new activity.
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4 - Lean Processes and Design Thinking
In a fast changing, interconnected and internationalized world, traditional schemes of doing business are losing in importance. The market requires innovations, ideas and quick implementations. To keep the business competitive and to grow it steadily, BPNF relies on two fundamental aspects: lean processes and design thinking solutions. BPNF helps its customers with the identification and implementation of lean processes, seeking new methodologies for the value producing management of processes and to prevent waste in terms of time, labor, material and money. Additionally, design thinking is used as problem solving and innovation approach. More specifically, BPNF adopts the design thinking methodology by using the designer’s sensibility and skills to correspond to customers’ needs with what is technologically and economically feasible and what a proper business strategy can turn into market opportunity and competitiveness.
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What is an Innovation ?
The term innovation is widely used, but sometimes in misguiding ways. Not every new is automatically an innovation and already existing things that have been improved are not necessary innovative. An innovation can be explained as an invention which can be successfully exploited for economic or otherwise positive purposes. It is furthermore a process of matching the problems or needs with solutions which are new and suitable to those needs.
Innovations can be classified within:

- product / service innovation
- process innovation
- social and organizational innovation
- market innovation
An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relations.


In short, an innovation can be defined as:
Before the innovation itself, there are prerequisites to it and some innovations are not planned until the early stages of the market introduction. As a generalization, the process of innovation can be presented in a simplified version as steps:
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